Biosafety Society Donates: 1000$ Award

According to Iran Biotechnology Information center, the Biosafety Society has invited public stakeholders to participate in a science competition with the aim of strengthening scientific communication.

In a statement issued by the Biosafety Society to Iran Biotechnology Information center: The importance of using new technologies in ensuring food security and environmental health is inevitable. However, there have been concerns from some people and trends regarding the use of transgenic products. Considering the importance of human health and the commitment of the Biosafety Association to provide food safety, human health and the environment, it is hereby declared that the scientific search of the members of the association has failed to obtain any evidence of adverse effects of transgenic products.

anyone who can submit a scientific document (scientific research paper indexed in ISI, the result of a specialized meeting of any reputable international organizations affiliated with the United Nations or an official report of governments) that indicates any loss or damage from GMOs to human health will receive 1000$. Obviously, this award will not be awarded to online or non-scientific or credentials that indicate the probability of an unknown event occurring in an unknown future of some kind.

Those interested in participating in the competition are requested to email their documentation to the

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